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HUDSON — The city Planning Board authorized the next steps for a Galvan Foundation site plan application looking to redevelop 402-406 Warren St. and 10-12 N. 4th St. into a 30-room hotel, restaurant and commercial space.

Before the planning board can approve of any project it must first weigh the potential environmental impacts.

In New York, most projects proposed by a state agency or unit of local government must complete an environmental assessment form. The Galvan Foundation submitted a form to the planning board Nov. 24.

Upon review of this, under state environmental law, the planning board classified the proposed development as “unlisted.”

This means the site will not environmentally impact more than 10 acres of land and that it could not be categorized under the Type I or Type II action categories.

In addition, the planning board must conduct its own environmental review of the project.

State regulations allow for different procedures if a site plan is deemed unlisted. Type I actions are bigger projects more likely to have environmental impacts, such as a non-commercial space of 25,000 feet or more. The Type II actions determine that entities like a single family home don’t have a considerable environmental impact. The unlisted category is a gray area if a proposal doesn’t fit into the other types. The planning board doesn’t have to reach out to state agencies, though the city’s attorney, Victoria Polidoro of the law firm Rodenhouse Chale of Rhinebeck, said that they will consult both the state Department of Health and the state Historic Preservation Office.

The planning board also voted unanimously to list themselves as the lead agency in charge of overseeing the environmental review of the project.

The total area of ​​the proposed site is 0.22 acres. Galvan estimated it will take one year to complete redevelopment and construction.

The income the Foundation receives from the proposed hotel will go directly to their social purposes, according to Dan Kent, Galvan Foundation vice president of initiatives.

During the planning board meeting, Polidoro said the Hudson Planning Board wants to be responsible for the review and asks that the public as well as involved and interested agencies such as the Columbia County Department of Health. The Hudson Department of Public Works, Hudson Historic Preservation Commission, and Hudson Fire Department are welcome to submit their questions, concerns and comments that will then be deliberated at a meeting in March. The Galvan Foundation will also submit supplemental materials and information to the planning board to be reviewed at the March meeting.

The Galvan Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2012 by T. Eric Galloway and Henry van Ameringen. It is committed to improving the economic life of Hudson through purchasing historic buildings and redeveloping them for residential, commercial and community use. The foundation also helps create affordable housing in the city, according to Kent.

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