Azores Airlines To Interline With Transavia On Island Flights

Azores Airlines and Transavia have announced a new virtual interlining partnership for flights to the Azores. The two carriers will work with Dohop, an Icelandic company specializing in interlining technology, using the Transavia Smart Connect platform.

Azores Airlines and Transavia team up on Azores flights

Azores Airlines and Transavia have reached a virtual interlining agreement for Azores flights to make it easier for passengers to visit the Azores and explore the islands.

Transavia will soon launch direct flights to Ponta Delgada – Joao Paulo II Airport, the primary airport serving the Azores, from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Passengers can now connect to Azores Airlines flights to the Azores via Porto, Lisbon and Funchal. The carrier serves the main island of Sao Miguel as well as Pico Island, Terceira, Santa Maria Island and Faial.

Azores Airlines Getty

Azores Airlines offers flights to several islands around the Azores. Photo: Getty Images

Azores Airlines said,

“With the interline virtual agreement, Transavia passengers can, in addition to direct flights from Amsterdam to Ponta Delgada, choose one of many Azores Airlines flights to the Azores, via Porto, Lisbon, and Funchal. Azores Airlines passengers can do the same by using Transavia flights to Europe.”

This agreement will enable travelers to explore the different islands around the Azores, a Portuguese archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago consists of nine volcanic islands and is known for its natural and historical attractions, such as dolphin watching and vibrant carnivals.

Transavia Smart Connect

The Transavia Smart Connect platform allows travelers to book connecting flights in one place. The platform was designed in partnership with Icelandic tech firm Dohop, which has also worked on other prominent interlining platforms, including ‘Worldwide by easyJet.’

According to Azores Airlines,

“Dohop is responsible for the connection service. That means that Dohop will arrange a new flight and possible hotel accommodation for passengers who do not make it to their flight due to circumstances such as a delay or cancellation.”

Air France Transavia Getty Images

Passengers can arrange everything through the Transavia Smart Connect platform. Photo: Getty Images

It appears that passengers are covered well in the eventuality of delays or cancellations. Transavia’s official website goes into more detail about the rebooking or cancellation process should your connecting flight be affected.

transavia said,

“Our partner Dohop will look for an alternative flight for you to use at no extra charge. If it is not possible to find an alternative, Dohop will refund the unused part of your booking.

If the new flight does not leave until the next day, Dohop will also refund the price of a hotel room (worth €60) and all meals (worth €15 per meal).”

Transavia Azores flights launching in April

Coming in April, Transavia will be launching its Amsterdam-Ponta Delgada flights. The once-weekly service will operate on Sundays and begins on April 24th.

BriYYZ via Wikimedia Commons“>


Azores Airlines’ main hub is at Ponta Delgada – Joao Paulo II Airport on Sao Miguel Island, the most populous island in the Azores. The airline also flies to other islands across the archipelago, including Pico Island, Terceira, Santa Maria Island and Faial.

Do you have a trip to the Azores booked? Will you be using the Transavia Smart Connect platform? Let us know in the comments.


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