Chicago Bears cost my six daughters a trip to Hawaii in 1986

In January 1986, I was the public relations director for the Los Angeles Rams, and we were only one game away from the Super Bowl. Just one game!

We had just hammered the Dallas Cowboys at home in Anaheim, even throwing a shutout, 20-0. Eric Dickerson, the great running back with the antelope strides, ran for a record 248 yards and made it look easy. I thought he could have run for 348. Our defense intercepted three passes, and we stuffed the big, bad boys from Dallas all day.

Now we had to win just one more game. The NFC Championship game.

I promised my six daughters a Super Bowl win for the Rams and we’d all go to Hawaii on my playoff bonus money.

Just one more!

The only problem was that one more was against the Chicago Bears.

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