Flight Attendants Deserve Higher Pay

Somehow, the integral work that flight attendants do was never really at the forefront of fliers’ minds until the last two years.

Well, you know, until they started getting subjected to being verbally and physically smacked around, that is. Then all of a sudden flight attendants were headline news.

It’s sad that it had to come to this, that the pandemic and the federal mask mandate and an apparent increase in alcohol consumption has put our flight attendants at risk on every flight.

It’s sad that when you Google ‘flight attendants’ it often comes up in association with another word – assault.

In my mind, flight attendants don’t get paid enough to put up with all this … stuff. Then again, they never did get paid enough. And still don’t.

One of the nasty secrets of the airline industry is that flight attendants don’t begin earning their salary for flights they work until the airplane door is shut and the plane begins to pull away from the gate.

True story.

Flight attendants perform part of their job – including boarding the plane, getting people to their seats, resolving seat disputes, and helping with storing carry-on luggage – without earning a dime.

Working as part of the gate agent team? no pay.

Bringing early beverages to first- and business-class passengers prior to departure? no pay.

Working for an hour or so – longer than that if there’s a delay – until the aircraft door is closed? no pay.

It’s a messy situation, which is why flight attendants deserve our support with their Change.org petition to rectify this unfair practice. It already has 105,000 digital signatures en route to a goal of 150,000, which would make it one of the most signed petitions on Change.org.

The message from the organizers is clear and concise:

“Flight Attendants are currently not paid for boarding. They are paid what is deemed as “hourly rate,” which is below minimum wage. Until the door is closed and the brakes are lifted flight attendants are paid on average $2.00/hour. Even though they are required by their company and the FAA to be there and perform crucial job-related safety and customer service duties,” they wrote. “Airlines are taking more and more of Flight Attendants’ time. In the past decade, boarding has gone from 30, to 35, to 40 minutes. These decisions were made by management and no flight attendants were consulted during this decision-making process.”

They are right, of course. This is awful and, frankly, their union representatives deserve some blame as well for negotiating such a reprehensible practice and allowing it to continue.

Sign the petition.

Support your flight attendants today.

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