Here’s How Amex Cardholders Can Get 40% Off an Amazon Purchase

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Amex cardholders may be able to get 40% off an Amazon purchase.

Key points

  • If you’re an American Express cardholder, you may be able to save money on your next Amazon purchase.
  • When using at least one Membership Rewards point to pay for a qualifying Amazon order, eligible American Express cardholders can save 40%.

American Express and Amazon have teamed up for a money-saving offer. Eligible Amex cardholders can get a 40% discount on an Amazon purchase, for total savings of up to $50.

It’ll cost at least one Membership Rewards point. We’ll show you how to take advantage of this promotion.

Here’s what to know about the offer

These are the main details of this promotion:

  • You must activate the offer.
  • You must use your American Express credit card to pay for an Amazon order, and use at least one American Express Membership Rewards Point.
  • Only items sold and shipped by qualify for the promotion.
  • The credit is applied before taxes and fees.
  • Shipping charges may apply.
  • The maximum amount you can save is $50.
  • This offer can’t be combined with other promotions.
  • The promotion ends May 1, 2022, or once 16,000 customers redeem the offer — whichever happens first.

Remember, you’re required to use Amex points for at least a portion of your purchase — that means you can use just one point. We recommend using only one point, because using Amex points for Amazon purchases doesn’t offer the best value. To learn more about the value of your points, check out our guide to American Express Rewards points.

Note: Some offers are targeted, so not every American Express cardholder is eligible for this promotion. Some cardholders may be eligible, but see different offer terms.

Follow these steps to save up to 40%

If you’re ready to save money on your next Amazon purchase, here’s what to do:

  1. Link your American Express card on Amazon by navigating to your payment methods and adding it if necessary.
  2. Enroll in “Shop with Points.” You should see this option after you add your Amex card. If you do not, there’s a section within payment methods called “Shop with Points.”
  3. Find out if you’re eligible for this offer by visiting
  4. If you’re eligible, click the “Activate now” button.
  5. Fill your shopping cart with items sold and shipped by (and no digital products).
  6. At checkout, select your Amex card as the payment method. Make sure that you also apply at least one American Express Membership Rewards point to your purchase.
  7. After confirming your order details and checking that the discount was applied, click the “Place your order” button.

Use rewards cards to earn rewards on your spending

Rewards credit cards give you a way to earn rewards on your spending. You may be able to redeem your points for travel, cash back, a statement credit, or gift cards. If you spend with credit cards but aren’t earning rewards, you’re missing out on valuable card benefits.

For a look at credit cards that earn rewards, check out our list of best rewards credit cards. And if you’re considering an Amex card, here’s a list of the best American Express credit cards. Your spending habits, financial situation, and goals can help you determine which rewards card is right for you.

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