Qantas accused of ‘price gouging’ after consumers pay triple for flights using credits over cash

Consumers have slammed the Qantas flight credit redemption scheme as “deceptive” and “dishonest”, accusing the company of “price gouging”.

Evidence including emails, videos and screenshots supplied to the ABC suggests that prices for the same flight were jacked up when a customer used a flight credit or voucher.

The price gaps ranged from 50 per cent to 300 per cent more, depending on the credit value, compared to when people made fresh bookings.

‘Morally wrong’

In October last year, Dean Ransom booked two round trips from Adelaide to Brisbane for December. He ended up paying three times more than his wife for the same economy seat.

He said the Qantas website restricted all the cheaper options for seats and only made available tickets that were equal to or more than his credit – more than $1,400 received from previous flight cancellations in mid-2021 due to COVID.

When he tried to book for his wife without using a credit, the cost was $437.

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