‘1000-lb Best Friends’: Meghan’s drinking worries the gang during Florida vacation

For the cast of ‘1000-lb Best Friends’, being held accountable is key. After all, setting out a weight loss journey when you have an unhealthy relationship with food is not easy. But with the right support system, it is certainly possible to get back on track.

Vannessa, who recently moved out of her sister’s home, wanted to do something nice for Meghan, who supported her throughout. And while a trip to Florida seemed like the right move, it quickly went south when she, Ashely and Tina began to suspect that Meghan might be using alcohol to drown out her issues.


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As soon as the gang reached their stay in Florida, Meghan was quick to finish a bottle of champagne and followed it up with wine. The ladies were worried, seeing that having gastric sleeve surgery causes people to get drunk faster, as they have smaller stomachs that absorb the alcohol quicker. When they all went for a night out the next day, Meghan was feeling exceptionally insecure about her body and turned to some liquid courage. But within an hour of reaching the bar, she managed to finish her drink as well as Ashely and Vannessa’s, causing her to get drunk. The gang had to go home and help her sober up, cutting the night short. Fans were upset to see Meghan drinking the way she was.

“That is so wrong and not good for her body. Vacation is not an excuse to get drunk. Dr. Proctor not gonna care for your damn excuses for doing this to yourself. That is sad you ladies have to call the night so early. That’s not fair to all of you. #1000lbBestFriends” tweeted a fan. “That’s so rude of Meghan to take Vannessa’s drink to get her buzz on and her friends are pissed that they have to take her home after being at a bar less than an hour #1000lbBestFriends” agreed another. “What’s going on with Meghan this seems like something new. Is this fear of the upcoming weigh in. I hope it’s not still about how she looks because you’re supposed to be encouraging us #1000lbBestFriends” asked a concerned fan. “We understand you have problems Meghan but drinking doesn’t save your problems it make things worse you have friends that will help you and be there for you don’t push them away #1000lbBestFriends” added another.

Ashely, Vannessa and Tina were worried that Meghan was using alcohol to hide her issues, with Tina stating that she couldn’t find ‘therapy at the end of a bottle’ and that drinking was a ‘band-aid’.

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