3 On Your Side recovers more than $157K during 2021

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — One of the first viewers 3 On Your Side helped last year was Howard Kamarata. When his air conditioning broke, he paid $625 to get it fixed after being told his home warranty company would reimburse him. But after waiting six months for that check, it never arrived. However, after 3 On Your Side got involved, the warranty company immediately sent Howard a check for $625.

“It was incredible. I couldn’t do it in six months, and you guys did it in one day,” Howard told us.

In March, 3 On Your Side helped Teri Carrillo and her husband. The couple booked a $925 Mexican vacation using Travelocity. But when the pandemic canceled the trip, Teri says she was told she could apply the $925 credit to a future vacation. But months later, when the couple tried to rebook, Teri said the $925 credit was unavailable, and Travelocity couldn’t help.

However, after 3 On Your Side got involved, the travel website quickly reapplied that $925 credit, and the couple flew to Mexico.

“So, we never would have gotten through without 3 On Your Side, and this has been the best experience. I’m so grateful that I called you,” Teri said.

During the summer, 3 On Your Side helped Christine Santana with a $2,475 problem.

“Gary Harper is going to take care of it, and obviously you did,” Christine said, smiling.

Christine had an extended warranty for her car through a company called Car Shield. But when her transmission went out, she says Car Shield rejected her claim and refused to pay for a new transmission. However, after 3 On Your Side contacted the company, Christine says she got a check for almost $2,475 to pay for a new transmission.

“Now, it’s finally taken care of. We won’t have to take any money out of savings because of 3 On Your Side and Gary Harper,” she said.

Mario Yarbrough contacted 3 On Your Side after an ongoing problem with his cell phone company. Mario mailed two cell phones back to T-Mobile. And even though Mario had written confirmation the phones arrived, T-Mobile said they only received one and demanded Mario pay $800 for the so-called missing phone. 3 On Your Side got involved, and after T-Mobile looked into the matter, they dropped the issue and said Mario wouldn’t have to pay anything.

“I tell you what, if you got a problem you can’t resolve, call Gary with 3 On Your Side, and he will get it done.”

And when you add up all the money that 3 On Your Side was able to save or recover for our viewers for 2021, it comes to $157,264. If you have a problem you can’t resolve, maybe 3 On Your Side can. Just email 3OYS@azfamily.com.

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