Cypriot Airline TUS Announces New Flights

TUS Airways has unveiled its long-awaited summer schedule for 2022. The carrier plans to expand further into Europe, beyond its traditional destinations in the Mediterranean, adding hubs such as Paris to the schedule. However, the airline has big plans to go far beyond the continent, flying to Dubai, Jeddah, and even Beijing using a leased A330-300.

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TUS Airways has announced big plans for the coming summer at a press conference this week, according to Financial Mirror. Flanked by senior government officials, CEO Michael Weinstein spoke about additional destinations from Larnaca and Paphos before discussing the airline’s long-haul plans in detail.


The seasonal schedule from Larnaca will see the usual Greek flights to Skiathos and Preveza and new services to Kefalonia and Kalamata. Summer flights in the rest of the continent will be to Lyon, Strasbourg, and Toulouse. All of this will be joined by the year-round trips to Brussels and Paris, with Tel Aviv and Eliat in Israel.

From Paphos, the airline will fly to Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Paris, and Tel Aviv. Year-round flights to Athens and Tel Aviv will be maintained too. All of this will be achieved using a fleet of Airbus A320s, two of which were delivered last year and two more will be delivered soon. Bookings will open next week for passengers. However, these aren’t the biggest changes coming to the airline.

big plans

This week’s announcement wasn’t just about short-haul flights in the coming months. TUS also laid out its plans for 2022-23 and beyond, including details about long-haul destinations and Lanarca’s future as a transit hub from the Middle East.

Starting September, the airline plans to begin flying to the UAE (Dubai), Egypt (Sharm El-Sheikh), Morocco (Marrakesh), and Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Riyadh). This will invite new tourist traffic to the country while also creating a new European hub for flights into the continent from the region. Cyprus’ relative proximity to the Middle East and North Africa will be a positive, making flights only a few hours each.

Screenshot 2022-03-06 at 15.07.10

TUS wants to make use of Cyprus’ location to offer connections into Europe and even flights to China. Photo: GCMap

However, if this wasn’t enough of a leap for the freshly relaunched TUS, the carrier announced that it had secured flight rights to fly between Larnaca and Beijing. This route will hinge on the airline taking up the lease on an Airbus A330-200 and going long-haul in the future, which came after Israel’s Global Knafaim picked up a 49.9% stake in the airline. No date on the route has been set, but its mention signals that it could be on the cards once China’s border opens again.

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TUS Air’s expansion comes as Cyprus braces from the fallout of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Sanctions mean that the country will lose 15% of annual passenger traffic or roughly 1.6 million passengers in 2022 alone. Given the country’s reliance on air travel, it is making use of a €6.1mn ($6.67mn) scheme since 2020 to attract new airlines, a deal that is more important than ever now.

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