Liv’s Look Book: Vacation Capsule Wardrobe

The destination is picked, the flights are bought, the hotel is booked and one thing is standing in between you and your vacation: the dreaded packing. With packing, comes the frustration of not having enough room in your suitcase, the stress of not knowing what to bring, and the worst is, upon arrival, realizing you didn’t bring the right items. While some things like sunscreen and a toothbrush can be fixed with a quick trip to a convenience store, missing clothing items are almost never an easy fix.

However, the answer can be simple: a capsule wardrobe. This is something everyone should invest in for everyday life, but it is especially helpful to have a smaller collection for vacations. A capsule wardrobe is made up of versatile pieces that you love to wear. These items can mix and match with each other to create different looks with the same handful of items.

Now, I don’t know where you are vacationing to, however, I know the basics of a capsule wardrobe, which can be edited to fit your personal style and weather at your destination. Below are my basics must-haves:

Tops: White tee, Black one-shoulder blouse, Crew-neck sweater

Bottoms: Straight light blue jeans, Faux leather pants, Leggings or Joggers

Neutral colored fitted dress

Shoes: White sneakers, Heeled sandals

Accessories: Favorite staple gold jewelry, Sunglasses, Crossbody bag

While everyone’s wardrobe looks different, the important thing for a capsule wardrobe is that it all coordinates, it is interchangeable with other items in the capsule, and they are all LOVED pieces that make you feel great.

The benefits of this small collection of loved items are endless. When you have limited clothing items, the stress of fitting it all in your suitcase is no longer a worry. You can fit these items with ease and have plenty of space for your vacation specialized items of swimsuits and beach towels.

A capsule wardrobe helps avoid over packing. You don’t need new items for a new outfit everyday. One day, you can wear a white tee, straight blue jeans, and heeled sandals. Then, a few days later, recycle the jeans to be paired with your sweater and sneakers. While jeans may be simple to restyle, don’t forget you can throw that same crew-neck sweater over your dress with sneakers and have an entirely new outfit. Every item in this capsule wardrobe can go with one another and that is the beauty.

This also eliminates the panic of not having what you need for an unexpected night out or an unforeseen activity. When you style for each agenda item specifically, you may not have what you need when those unexpected things pop up. However, with the capsule wardrobe and its endless possibilities, you have a new outfit – dressy or casual – ready to go at all times.

So, if you begin to plan your spring break vacation, don’t forget to prioritize planning your capsule wardrobe. Your loved items will have you feeling confident the entirety of your trip with new outfits each day without all the stress. Don’t forget to shop at your local stores, which have all of these items without the wait and allow you to try the item on to know you love it.

Basic must-haves

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