Drake and Jack Harlow’s vacation pictures send fans into a tizzy

Hip Hop fans across the internet are in a frenzy after Drake and Jack Harlow posted pictures while vacationing together in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

The rappers posted several pictures and videos with each other on their respective Instagrams, giving millions of their fans some serious FOMO.

Despite being artists from the same musical genre, the rappers’ pairing and friendship caught fans off guard. But, many also commented how their personalities were similar in many ways.

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SEE: Drake and Jack Harlow’s vacay pics

Drake and Jack’s swoon-worthy vacay pics and videos were not on anybody’s 2022 bingo card, but we are all happy to see them holidaying together.

Jack posted a video showing him goofing around with Drake while he was busy on his phone.

the What’s Poppin rapper captioned the video: “I swear I didn’t know what was going on, I was googling wtf a weng weng drink was.”

They were on a stunning yacht in the video.

Screenshot from Drake’s IG Stories

On the other hand, ‘Champagne Papi’ Drake’s IG stories sees the duo partying with locals from the island.

However, the most viral picture from Drake and Jack’s Caicos Island vacay is the one that sees them posing with a bunch of beautiful women. The two are certainly living their best lives.

Fans react to rappers’ holiday snaps

Many fans rushed to Twitter to have their say after coming across Drake and Jack’s pictures.

“Jack Harlow and Drake being together without me is rude ESPECIALLY on international Women’s Day,” a Twitter user joked.

“This Drake and Jack Harlow friendship feels like it was destined to happen lol,” wrote another fan.

“Jack Harlow being Drake’s successor makes so much sense to me. And it’s not just because Jack looks like Drake’s teenage son,” said one fan.

Jack has shown his love for Drake in the past

Back in 2021, Jack Harlow stopped his stage show in Toronto, mid-performance to acknowledge Drake’s attendance.

A viral video sees the One Dance rapper in the VIP booth, looking down at Jack who gives him a shout-out as the crowd goes into a frenzy.

Jack, who was at the end of his Creme De La Creme tour, has often spoken fondly of Drake and has even called him his biggest inspiration.

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