Aviation fuel: Nigeria airlines warn of more flights cancellation or delays

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Major airline for Nigeria don alert dia customers of more flight delays and cancellations in days ahead.

Di alert na sake or di scarcity of Jet fuel or aviation fuel wey dem dey experience.

For days now, different airlines across Nigeria don dey release press statements to express challenge dem dey face.

Airlines say since fuel scarcity begin few weeks ago flights and aviation operation don dey kpafuka.

Inside statement wey Air Peace release on Wednesday, e say:

“Air Peace and oda Nigerian airlines don, for some time now, dey face di challenge of Jet fuel scarcity.

“We don push am so far to minimize di effect of di situation on our esteem customers travel plans till today.”

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For statement wey Arik Air release on di mata, dem say di fuel scarce to buy.

Airik said wen dem see am buy di price don increase to N590 to N625 per litter.

For February 2021 airlines dey buy dia fuel for N190 per litter, by di end of di year di price increase to between N350 and N370.

Dis na why Dana Air for im own statement say, “di aviation fuel crisis dey take new turn.”

Wetin dis one mean for Nigerians

As tins dey now and from di statements wey di different airlines don release dis past days, weitn next for Nigerians wey dey fly as means of transport go dey difficult to imagine.

Already, travelers don dey experience flight delays and in some cases sef dem cancel dia flight.

But wit di recent statements wey dem release, e mean say passengers must expect more flight delays plus cancels.

Since as Ibom Air put am, dem “no idea wen di issue go dey resolved “and dem go only update” wen we get more information.”

Dis one also mean say Nigerians fit now pay more for flight tickets.

For di past few months now ,flight tickets almost double for price.

Weda di current ticket price go increase pass as e dey cost now or not after possibility wey only time go tell.

Wetin cause Aviation fuel scarcity

Nigeria don dey experience fuel scarcity since di beginning of February, afta goment reject one batch of imported fuel wey contain too much methanol.

Di too much methanol make am impossible for di kontri pipo to fit use am.

Again, pipo wey dey import aviation fuel dey find am hard to get dollars to pay for dia products.

Di hardship make am hard for dem to meet di demand for aviation fuel.

Roland Iyayi, wey be former managing director of Nigerian Airspace Management Agency, tell tori pipo Bloomberg say;

Di shortage of foreign currency, plus increasing oil price, increase prices of aviation fuel to as high as 607 naira ($1.45) per liter for some airports for di kontri.

Dat na rise from about 360 naira per liter for December wey jet fuel bin dey sell .

Nigeria goment no dey regulate price of aviation fuel, like dem dey do for petrol.

Dis one dey allow importers to sell according to price wey market tok.

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