Azul Launches Virtual Flights To Raise Funds For Ukraine Refugees

Azul Linhas AĆ©reas yesterday shared that it is raising funds for Ukrainians by setting up virtual flights. The Brazilian carrier highlights that money raised from customer bookings will go to charity in aid of the crisis in Ukraine.

A helping hand

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused a humanitarian crisis, forcing millions to be displaced and face dangerous conditions. As a result, companies across the globe have been figuring out ways to support the country’s population during this tragedy.

Thus, Azul has announced that those wanting to donate to relief efforts can purchase seats for virtual flights between Sao Paulo-Campinas and Ukraine. All the proceeds of these bookings will be donated to the International Committee of the Red Cross, a charity is supporting refugees leaving Ukraine.


Azul Embraer

The airline is determined to support relief efforts. Photo: Azul

Azul CEO John Rodgerson shared that this move is the first in a series of steps. His airline is also hoping to find additional innovative ways to support those in need.

The executive shared the following in a statement:

“We knew we had to find a creative way to help so we decided to keep the sensation that your support was actually flying to Ukraine. We will use all our communication channels to reach out to our 14 million loyalty members and the millions of customers that fly Azul every month. We have scheduled these virtual flights for the next 90 days and we hope that the donations force us to add even more. generate these important donations for the Red Cross in support of its relief efforts in Ukraine.

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International crisis

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused the biggest refugee crisis in Europe in decades. Millions of Ukrainians have escaped within just a couple of weeks. Most of them have been heading to neighboring nations.

Of Ukraine’s residents, the UN has shared the following countries have taken in:

Poland: 1,575,703

Hungary: 235,576

Slovakia: 185,673

Russia: 105,897

Moldova: 104,929

Romania: 84,671

Belarus: 938

Azul Jet

Airlines are offering assistance during this critical time. Photo: Azul

Crucial efforts

Other countries across Europe have taken in 304,156 refugees. The dire situation continues, and we can expect to see figures rising in the coming weeks. So, the efforts from those such as Azul and its customers could go a long way during this period. The airline is joined by the likes of Wizz Air and Finnair with relief efforts. These European operators are offering free and discounted flights to help refugees displaced across Europe.

Azul concludes that there are no boundaries when it comes to helping. Passengers may not fly on these services, but their solidarity will.

To take part in the initiative, visit Azul’s website.

What are your thoughts about Azul’s approach to raising funds for Ukrainians? What do you make of the overall initiatives in this space? Let us know what you think of the situation in the comment section.


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