Your travel questions answered, from Dubai entry rules to Turkey safety

We’re going to Dubai and my wife has only had two Covid jabs and no booster. I can’t find anywhere that says two jabs means you’re fully vaccinated, or if there’s a time restriction on the second jab. I don’t want to book a private rapid PCR test if we don’t need to.

Fully vaccinated generally means the first full course of vaccination – two doses of a two-dose vaccine or a single dose of a single-dose vaccine.

If boosters are not explicitly mentioned, then you can be sure that they won’t be needed, and this has been confirmed by Visit Dubai, the tourist board. As long as you have both received the first course, you are considered fully vaccinated and no testing is required for entry. These rules apply to all over-12s arriving from the UK.

I have been trying to find out if a PCR test is required to fly into Canada.

All valid e-visa holders who are fully vaccinated can enter Canada with a professionally administered antigen test taken no more than one day before the date of travel.

We are booked on a tour to Turkey from April 17-29 and are unsure whether it is safe to go forward with the arrangements with the war in Ukraine. The bookings were made through an agency, but their views are that it is still 100 per cent safe.

Currently the war is contained to Ukraine, and Turkey is not directly affected. Unless the Foreign Office advises against traveling to Turkey, if you decide to cancel your trip you are likely to forfeit the money as this will be considered a “disinclination to travel”. Your travel insurance is not likely to cover this either.

The Foreign Office currently advises against travel to the Turkish border with Syria and some provinces close to this region, but has no warnings for the rest of the country.

I suggest waiting until closer to the time of departure before making a decision, and staying in close contact with your travel agent.

Covid has also resulted in more flexible booking conditions, so you could discuss the opportunity of postponing your trip or changing to a different destination if you are concerned, but you’d be liable for any difference in price and possibly fees to change the booking.

What do I need to enter the Algarve in Portugal?

If you are fully vaccinated, with the second dose administered no longer than 270 days before travel, or boosted, you do not need to take a Covid test to enter Portugal. You can use the NHS Covid Pass to demonstrate this.

If you are not fully vaccinated, you must present a negative Covid test, either a PCR (taken 72 hours before travel) or lateral flow antigen test (24 hours before travel).

If you’ve had Covid recently, you can enter with a recovery certificate (valid between 11 and 180 days before travel).

You must also complete a passenger locator form.

I am traveling abroad at the end of March, can I complete my PLF before my holiday?

You can complete a PLF three days before you arrive back in the UK. However, it’s likely that a decision will be made on scrapping the PLF early next week.

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