The Vacation Movies Existed in Alternate Dimensions

Okay, so a lot of fan theories are a bit silly when one sits down to think about them, but at the moment they’re a lot of fun to talk about since they can make the mind work past the known boundaries that have been set in the past when it comes to cinema. Granted, some of the craziest theories might be kind of fun to see vindicated in some zany way, but other theories are better off just being theories. One that fans might want to get behind has to do with the infamous Griswold family, they of the Vacation movies that have made National Lampoon a great deal of money as well as lifelong fans that have fully enjoyed the movies that have been passed down from generation to generation. Sadly, the 2015 movie wasn’t a fitting addition in the opinion of a lot of people, especially since it had been a while since a Vacation movie had come along. But what’s been most interesting about these movies over the years is that while there are several similarities, there are also many notable differences.

Some of them can be explained, and others are just taken as a part of the movie no matter how ridiculous they’ve become. But over the years as the movies have been released, the inconsistencies have become part of the charm from the different kids to the different homes to, well, everything. But what if there was a reason for all of that? These days a lot of folks are digging into the alternate reality tropes as much as they can, so it begs the question of why it couldn’t be applied to a comedy franchise that might be given an even bigger pass thanks to the fact that certain characters act as linchpins to the alternate universes and don’t really change much, if at all, from one reality to another.

The obvious linchpins would be Clark, Ellen, Eddie, and Catherine since they don’t tend to change much from movie to movie, but just about everything else is up for grabs. The Vacation movies are more or less the same, but the most obvious difference between them, the kids, makes this theory a little more valid. It’s a simple theory obviously, but also one that would sort things out for those that are stuck on the idea of ​​why the kids and other elements of the movies are different with every showing. In many movie franchises, several things tend to change that people might notice or simply allow to pass by. This is actually one of the elements of these movies that helps to make them so popular since it amuses the fans in a way that makes little to no sense but is, at the same time, a unique part of the story that many people find endearing . Plus, they’re just insanely funny since watching Clark trying to navigate his way through life makes a lot of us grateful for the lives that we lead and the fact that we’re not quite as clueless.

Some folks might be able to find a bit of sympathy for someone like Clark since in every movie he’s had to deal with relatives that are annoying, antagonistic, and in a lot of ways far more dangerous than he’ll ever be. But then one has to realize that Clark is the most dangerous individual among the lot since the decisions he tends to make about, well, anything, are often so ill-advised that laughing at the absurdity of it is a far better option since otherwise the Vacation movies might be seen as action thrillers thanks to the various misadventures that Clark tends to experience. There’s no need for sympathy when it comes to Ellen since many would no doubt agree that she’s one of the most patient individuals to ever come along, especially given that she puts up with Clark’s antics regularly. Her ability to push forward and not worry too much about anything that happens in the Griswold family while helping to keep them together is a testament to the strength of character she possesses. As for Eddie, well, he’s kind of like a natural disaster that’s just waiting to happen or a dark cloud that’s completely ignorant of its purpose in the story.

Everything else is up for grabs when it comes to the Vacation movies since the changes that came along during each movie were fun to see, but were just confusing enough that people had no idea what to think when they did notice them. A few other movies have done such a thing in cinematic history, but not in such an obvious manner. To be honest though, it’s a part of what has made the Vacation movies so memorable over the years, especially since it’s been made so obvious.

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