Russia Sees Huge Increase In Sukhoi SSJ100 Flights

The SSJ100 has seen a big rise in flights planned between March and August, at least partly because of sanctions.

This SSJ100 (RA-89043) was delivered to Aeroflot in 2014. It was transferred to subsidiary Rossiya in 2021, with the aircraft operating on behalf of Russia’s flag carrier.

The rise in SSJ100 flights is based on the last schedule filing over the weekend. There now are 70,376 services planned between March and August, up by 15% (9,203) in a week. It’s also the first time monthly flights have passed 10,000, with nearly 14,000 reached.

A significant rise in SSJ100 flights

Never have there been anywhere near as many services by the twin-engine aircraft. The rise, especially now, suggests it is partly because of the current situation.

Large numbers of aircraft on the Irish register will be returned (or bought out). At the same time, the Bermuda CAA has withdrawn the certificate of airworthiness on all its Bermuda-registered aircraft in Russia. It has led to multiple aircraft being reregistered onto the Russian (RA-) register in the past few days.


Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, and others have stopped supplying parts and support to Russian operators. Even before Bermuda and Embraer announced changes, it was set to heavily impact Russian airline operations, as intended.

But the change in SSJ100 use might not be this straightforward, and not just because the aircraft uses many Western components. According to, 17 aircraft have been delivered since November and 76 since the start of 2021. The primary recipient has been Rossiya. Virtually all of these aircraft are operational.

SSJ100 flights_ May 2011 to August 2022 1

The development of SSJ100 flights across all operators since it was introduced. Source of data: Cirium.

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The rise in use is because of Rossiya

The last filing shows the growth in flights is because of Rossiya, which operates the aircraft for Aeroflot. Last week, it had planned 24,929 SSJ100 flights between March and August. That has now risen by 35% to 33,573. It almost fully completely explains the rise, with other operators mainly flat, as shown below:

  • Rossiya: planned 24,929 flights in the last schedule filing, now 33,573 (+35%)
  • Azimuth: 13.252, the same (0%)
  • Red Wings: 12.407, now 12.350 (-0.5%)
  • Yamal Airlines: 3,572, the same (0%)
  • IrAero: 2.994, now 3.048 (+1.8%)
  • Severstal Air Company: 2.079, the same (0%)
  • Gazpromavia: 929, now 936 (+0.8%)
  • Aeroflot itself: 270, now 831 (+207%)
  • Yakutia: 665, now 659 (-0.9%)

Rossiya's SSJ100 network from St Petersburg March-August 2022

Rossiya’s SSJ100 domestic network from St Petersburg March-August 2022. Note that not all will be operated in each month. Image: GCMap.

Big SSJ100 growth at St Petersburg

As Rossiya’s primary airport is St. Petersburg (LED), it is no surprise that its SSJ100 flights there have grown dramatically.

Its domestic SSJ100 network from Russia’s second-largest city has grown from 13 routes to 26. Key additions include Moscow Vnukovo (VKO), now the leading route, and Kaliningrad (KGD).

Rossiya’s SSJ100 growth seems to be driven by big cuts to flights by its A320s (-67%), A319s (-40%), and B737-800s (-37%). It could be a way of ensuring schedule integrity and continuing operations. However, a few more weeks should make the picture clearer, especially as all of its A319s/A320s/B737s (and others) are leased, according to

What do you make of it all? Let us know in the comments.

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