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Traveling on a budget? There are many ways to save money while traveling, without compromising your experience. Flexibility within your travel dates and accommodation preferences are a great way to score the best travel deals. To help you spend less on hotel stays, the new Priceline Pricebreaker deals are here to help spare your wallet for the next adventure you go on.

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While you can make hotel reservations any time through Priceline, the new Pricebreakers feature is a way to score epic deals on hotels with up to four-star ratings. If you’re looking for a hotel in a specific city with specific travel dates, you can simply enter your travel dates and travel destination in the Pricebreaker search bar. Priceline will generate ten different groups of three hotel options for your dates. Each group includes an interactive map so you can see the exact location of each hotel, along with ratings, amenities and more. For those with hotel rating preferences, there are two, three and four-star hotel options to choose from.

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For example, if you want to stay centrally located in midtown Manhattan at the end of April, one set of Pricebreaker deals includes three four-star hotel options, all costing $178 a night. Your options would be the Even Hotel Times Square South (typically $388 a night), the Stewart Hotel (typically $237 a night) or The New Yorker, a Wyndham Hotel (typically $354 a night). If you select this grouping, Priceline will book one and notify you after checkout. With this deal in particular, you would save at least $59 a night and up to a whopping $210 a night—a huge savings per night either way.

Ready to save big on your next hotel stay? Below, we’ve outlined everything you need to know about the newest Priceline Pricebreakers feature.

Priceline Pricebreaker deals can help save you up to 50% on a hotel stay.

What is Priceline Pricebreakers?

Priceline is an online travel agency (OTA) where you can save up to 50% when you book a hotel through the new Pricebreakers feature. If you’re traveling to a destination and want to stay in a particular area or hotel with certain amenities but don’t have a strong preference of hotel, you can save up to 50% on a stay.

How does Priceline Pricebreakers work?

After entering your travel destination and dates, Priceline Pricebreakers shows you information on three hotel options including the name of the hotel, address, the retail price, ratings and reviews. While each hotel typically retails for a different nightly price, you’ll only pay the discounted Pricebreaker cost. Once you select a trio of hotels, Priceline books one of the three hotels listed and you’ll be notified which hotel was chosen after you checkout. Be sure to note that you’ll pay the discounted price per night but tax will be added at checkout so be prepared for that added fee. There can also be mandatory fees added by the hotel but you will be able to confirm all fees before checking out.

Is Priceline Pricebreakers worth it?

For flexible travelers, the Priceline Pricebreakers can be worth it for the opportunity to save hundreds on stays. To make sure a price shown in the Pricebreaker is a good deal, you can always spend a few minutes and research the hotel to see if better prices are out there. If you have strong preferences on accommodations or specific travel needs, the Pricebreakers deals might not be the best fit for you.

What are Priceline’s cancellation policies?

Priceline Pricebreaker deals are non-refundable or changeable unless you purchase the trip protection insurance.

How do I contact Priceline?

For any changes or questions, you can contact Priceline through their Help Center where you are able to connect with a representative via text, online chat or by calling directly.

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