The Airbus A220 Will Pass 20,000 Monthly Flights In April

The A220 will have 22,118 round-trip flights in April, according to the latest data from experts Cirium. The type will pass the 20,000 flight milestone for the first time since its inaugural scheduled service – when it was known as the C Series – with launch customer SWISS in July 2016.

The A220 passes 20,000 flights

April’s A220 flights are up by about 2,983 over March’s figures, a rise of 16%. It’s pushing ahead not just because April is the first whole month of the aviation summer season and therefore sees higher use.


It is also from 47 deliveries in 2021 of the popular larger A220-300 and three of the smaller -100 variant. And in the past few weeks, more examples have been delivered to airBaltic, Air France, Breeze, and Delta.

By August, A220 flights are scheduled to total 29,018. However, much can change between now and then, although it isn’t likely to change much as most operators are in North America and Europe, which are recovering well from the pandemic.

Context is needed. The A220 will have just 0.9% of all flights globally in August. This is unsurprising given it is still pretty new, and shows that there are just 210 aircraft, either active or inactive (stored/maintenance).


Latvia-based airBaltic has added more A220 flights in April than any other carrier. Photo: airBaltic.

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Delta remains the most significant user

Returning to April, Cirium shows that Delta will remain overwhelmingly the largest A220 user. As shown below, it has 6,373 flights or almost three in every ten. It’s thanks to having 54 aircraft across both variants: 44 -100s and 10 -300s. Delta plays a vital role in North America remaining the primary continent for the aircraft.

  • Delta: 6,373 round-trip flights
  • SWISS: 3.439
  • airBaltic: 3,109
  • Air Canada: 2.522
  • Korean Air: 1,518
  • Air France: 1,077
  • JetBlue: 1,070
  • EgyptAir: 979
  • Eurowings: 704 (using wet leased airBaltic aircraft)
  • AirAustralia: 358
  • Tanzania Air: 346
  • Ibom Air: 311 (Nigeria)
  • SAS: 236 (using wet leased airBaltic aircraft)
  • Air Senegal: 60
  • Air Manas: 16 (Kyrgyzstan)

Air Senegal received its first example in January, with the 133-seat A220-300 part of a motley fleet also comprising the ATR-72, A319, A321, and A330-900. In April, the West African carrier will use the A220 on a 1x daily service from Dakar to Abidjan.

Eurowings' A220 network in April 2022

This is Eurowings’ A220 network in April. Image: Cirium.

airBaltic has added the most flights

While Delta is the largest operator, airBaltic – which only uses A220s – has added the most movements versus March. Despite Russia and Ukraine having 10% of its flights pre-conflict, its total operation is up by 745 (+32%). While Riga to Edinburgh, Malta, and Rhodes will begin in April, it’s less about new routes and more from summer frequency increases.

Korean Air (+566, +59%), SWISS (+468, +16%), Air France (+413, +61%), EgyptAir (+359, +58%), and Eurowings (+326, +86 %) are among the others to have meaningful increases. Germany’s Eurowings wet-leases airBaltic A220-300s and will do for the foreseeable future.

While they initially operated from Stuttgart, March sees deployment from Stuttgart and Düsseldorf (from March 27th, the first day of the aviation summer season). They’ll be exclusively from Düsseldorf in April. They’ll be used on 44 routes (see the map above), although a significant number have only a minimal amount of flights.

Have you flown the A220 yet? If so, share your experiences in the comments.


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