Here’s Where Ukrainian Airlines Are Parking Their Planes In Europe

It has now been more than a month since Russia commenced its military invasion of Ukraine. Before the conflict, several Ukrainian airlines had already begun moving their aircraft out of the country, in anticipation of a potential invasion. However, various other planes remain within its borders. Let’s see exactly where they are.

Some aircraft have been unable to leave Ukraine itself

Ukrainian airspace was closed on the day that Russian forces made advances into the country, effectively grounding any aircraft that were still there at the time. According to data compiled by German publication aeroTELEGRAPH, this has resulted in Ukrainian airliners being parked across the country.

As you might expect, Kyiv is playing host to a particularly high number of commercial aircraft that suddenly became grounded. Its Boryspil International Airport (KBP) currently has four aircraft from Windrose Aviation, eight from Azur Air Ukraine, and nine from Ukraine International Airlines parked there. Zhuliany Airport (IEV) also has four Jonika Airlines and one Motor Sich plane stuck on the ground.

Away from the Ukrainian capital, Windrose Aviation also has aircraft stuck in Dnipro (five), Lviv, and Zaporizhzhia (one each). Meanwhile, Motor Sich aircraft that couldn’t leave the country can be found in Odesa and Mykolaiv (one each). The latter of these facilities is said to be one of Ukraine’s most technically advanced airports.

Azur Air Ukraine Boeing 757-300

Eight of Azur Air Ukraine’s 11 aircraft are parked at Kyiv Boryspil International Airport (KBP). Photo: Anna Zvereva via Flickr

Beyond Ukrainian borders

Tensions between Ukraine and Russia were on the rise for several months before the latter began its invasion. As such, several Ukrainian carriers had already taken the precaution of moving aircraft away by the time this took place. For example, Bees was required to move its four Boeing 737s to Montpellier (MPL) to meet the demands of the lessor, which wasn’t keen on keeping aircraft in Ukraine.

Elsewhere in France, one of Ukraine International Airlines’ aircraft (a 737-800 registered as UR-PSG) has ended up at Tarbes–Lourdes–Pyrénées Airport (LDE). Despite being a relatively quiet facility, Tarbes has been busier in the last two years. This is due to airlines choosing to store their Airbus A380s there amid the downturn in passenger demand brought on by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Almost directly south of Tarbes, Spain’s Castellón–Costa Azahar Airport (CDT) is presently playing host to 11 aircraft from Ukraine International Airlines. Meanwhile, directly east across the Mediterranean in Turkey, Sky Up is storing one aircraft apiece in Bursa and Izmir. Meanwhile, Antalya is hosting UR-MSF, an Azur 737-800.

Bees Boeing 737-800

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Closer to home

Not all of the Ukrainian aircraft that have been parked outside of the country have gone as far afield as the likes of France and Spain. Indeed, two Sky Up Boeing 737-800s have only made it as far as Moldova, and are currently stored in Chisinau. The country’s airspace was closed until recently but has now partially reopened. Just beyond Moldova, three more Sky Up jets are parked in Iasi, Romania.

The locations of the rest of Sky Up’s relocated aircraft tell an incredibly diverse story. Four have gone north, to the Estonian capital of Tallinn, while the Bulgarian and Serbian capitals, Sofia and Belgrade, have each taken one of the carrier’s 737s

Have you seen any displaced Ukrainian aircraft on your recent travels? If so, which one(s)? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

Source: aeroTELEGRAPH

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