Businesses seek student workers in order to meet summer demand

Businesses are preparing for what is expected to be an even busier summer than last year, and they are looking for new ways to bring in seasonal workers.

While the seasonal nature of Northern Michigan’s tourism industry is beginning to level out, with more interest in fall and winter activities, a significant portion of the region’s annual commerce still takes place during the summer. That means summer workers are an important part of the regional economy. Due to the temporary nature of the positions, most of the jobs go to high school and college students.

This is why businesses like Stafford’s Hospitality and The Belvedere Club in Charlevoix are going into schools and colleges to tell students about summer opportunities.

Stafford's Perry Hotel in Petoskey is shown.

Stafford’s tries to recruit students around the age of 14 or 15 so that they can spend their high school and college summers in different hospitality positions.

“We want to keep them engaged in how to work in hospitality,” said Stafford’s president Brian Ewbank. “We usually start them out very young and we try to get them in bussing and food running or maybe baggage handlers or that type of thing and have them progress throughout their school career and do many different jobs in the hospitality industry. As we have both hotels and restaurants, we keep them engaged and not having the same job every summer over and over.”

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