‘I have so many problems with your family’

An 18-year-old girl is fed up with being saddled with watching her aunt’s and uncle’s children.

She explained her situation in Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum. The teen has eight aunts and uncles, and each has at least three children. Her family constantly expects her to watch their children for free. While planning a family vacation, they insisted she babysat the whole time again.

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“I am the oldest girl in my family,” she said. “They push a lot of responsibility that my brother, the oldest, overall didn’t experience. I’m expected to watch the kids, help cook, clean, put kids to bed [and] not have people over when I’m with family, and they’ve expressed time and time again they expect me to be in a serious relationship soon.

“My family has recently announced we will be going to the Florida Keys for Thanksgiving next year to scatter my great grandmother’s ashes, and her estate will be paying for the whole trip. I said I would love to go. But I said, under no uncertain terms, [that] I would not watch their children during the trip. They kinda nodded along but planned activities for them.”

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But when the older family members started planning the trip, it became clear they expected the Reddit poster to babysit.

“When they were talking about the ‘itinerary,’ they were planning back-to-back 21-plus things, and I interrupted asking who would be staying back to watch the kids, as I would be at the beach,” she explained. “They were confused and asked why I would ask that when obviously I would be watching the kids since I’m staying in the rental property with them. I repeated that I would not be watching the children or babysitting for free, and if they wanted me to watch the kids, they could pay me my usual price.

“They said if I wanted to be ab****, then I could find somewhere else to stay. Coincidentally, my brother and his girlfriend have offered for me to stay in her room (they don’t share a bed because of her religious beliefs but have joined rooms), and I agreed. My mom said I really should’ve just watched the kids this once, but I disagree. If I keep doing it, then they’ll keep taking advantage. So AITA?”

Redditor thought the girl’s family was too much.

“I have so many problems with your family based on what you’ve written here,” a user said.

“If they want a babysitter, they should pay for one,” another wrote.

“It isn’t ever OK for someone to be expected to provide free babysitting services just because they happen to be related to the kid,” someone added.

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