Will Smith Should Frighten Flight Attendants

Look, I know we all have bad days and Will Smith has apologized for his outburst at the Oscars last night that included slapping Chris Rock in the face…but his behavior (and the audience’s reaction) should be a concern to flight attendants.

Flight Attendants Would Be Wise To Fear Will Smith

Although Will Smith and his wife are estimated to have a net worth over $320 million, the couple does not own a private jet. While Smith has certainly chartered his fair share of private jets, but has also been sighted over the years in premium cabins of commercial airlines.

In 2011, Smith refused to board an Aer Lingus flight from Dublin (DUB) to Manchester (MAN) because it only had economy class seats. He chartered a jet instead (he’d hate “business class” within Europe…).

Last night at the Oscars, Smith slapped emcee Chris Rock after the comedian made a joke about the “GI Jane” haircut of Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith. Call it what you want, but Smith’s behavior was wildly inappropriate and demonstrates either an incredible sense of entitlement, a lack of self control, or both.

And in this era of heightened tensions onboard aircraft and numerous instances of flight attendant abuse, I have to posit that his behavior should concern flights attendants. First, for Smith himself. Tempers are much more likely to flare inside closed metal tubes in which passengers are in close proximity to one another. If Smith cannot control himself with the entire world watching, what’s to stop him from getting upset on a flight?

But second, flight attendants should be concerned about the audience reaction to Smith. Don’t overlook that he was showered with a standing ovation minutes after the incident. Again, to err is human and he apologizes for his conduct. It doesn’t change what we all saw.

Kudos to his wife Jada for simply rolling her eyes. Smith initially laughed before becoming visibly upset and yelling out an obscenity directed toward Rock.

Goodness, I’ve flown with my fair share of celebrities but am not sure I’d want to fly with Smith if a bad joke results in being cursed out and then slapped.

Imagine a flight attendant who doesn’t have the drink or meal he wants? That could turn ugly, couldn’t it?


I don’t watch award programs, but the whole world watched that slap (or a replay of it) last night. Smith’s conduct was bad and I’d be quite fearful, if I were a flight attendant, to serve him on a flight…

Image: Dick Thomas Johnson

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