FBI says San Juan man went to hotel for sex with child

The FBI arrested a San Juan man Monday who showed up to an Edinburg hotel planning to have sex with a 9-year-old girl, a criminal complaint said.

Instead, the FBI received 19-year-old Jorge Eduardo Naranjo and arrested him without incident.

The complaint alleges that Naranjo, who is charged with attempted coercion and enticement of a child, previously sought out a 6-year-old to have sex with and told an undercover agent he would sexually abuse his own daughter if he ever had one.

The investigation into Naranjo began in November 2021, when an FBI agent from Philadelphia received three images of child sexual abuse material, commonly referred to as child pornography, from a user called “damnucuteaf” on the social media application KiK, according to the complaint.

Based on subpoenas and open source information, the FBI traced the account to a residence in San Juan.

On March 3, a McAllen undercover agent who is a member of the FBI San Antonio Child Exploitation Task Force reached out to that account, and on March 12 the account responded under the display name “Bored Dude.”

The profile picture is the McAllen Convention Center, the complaint noted.

During that communication, the FBI says Naranjo sent the undercover the child sexual abuse material.

That same day, the complaint alleges Naranjo reached back out to the Philadelphia undercover agent and the conversation continued about a potential trip to South Padre Island for Spring Break – and about having sex with a child.

“Naranjo states ‘I’m in McAllen, like an hour or 2 from the island…’ (The undercover agent) states his daughter will be making the trip with him and Naranjo replies: ‘Im down, how old is she,’” the complaint stated.

The conversation between the undercover continues discussing sexually abusing a child, and ended with Naranjo agreeing to meet with the undercover agent and his “9-year-old daughter,” according to the complaint.

The complaint says the communication exchange occurred between March 12 and March 19.

The FBI also said he agreed to speak with agents after his arrest and admitted to distributing and receiving child sexual abuse material multiple times.

“Naranjo stated he attempted to meet up with another (undercover agent) for the sole purpose of having sexual intercourse with their ‘6-year-old daughter,’” the complaint stated. “The only reason Naranjo did not follow through with this attempt was because his account was banned by Kik.”

The complaint said he also told agents he used the Omegle application to search for groups to join and sought out like-minded people to exchange child sexual abuse material “and with the hopes of one day actually having sexual intercourse with a child.”

He made a first appearance in McAllen federal court Tuesday and is being temporarily held without bond pending detention and probable cause hearings scheduled for Friday afternoon, court records indicate.

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