Duke fans pay hundreds for nosebleed seats at Final Four

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) – The historic Duke-UNC matchup is this Saturday.

For many, this is a game you don’t want to miss.

But if you’re planning a trip to the Final Four in New Orleans, there are a lot of last minute considerations you have to make.

earlier, we heard from a UNC super fan

Tonight, WBTV spoke with hardcore Duke fans who wouldn’t miss the game, no matter how much it costs.

“Oh, Duke baby, all the way. It’s going to be a battle though,” said Jevin Griffin at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

He and his friend, Ryan Kreiser, are passing through Charlotte, headed to the Final Four.

“I’m ready – like I could go right now,” Kreiser said. “It’s gonna be a good game, but Duke’s gonna win.”

“We’re in the nosebleeds, and it’s $500 a person.”

Tickets for a “good seat,” listed for around $4,000 each.

Then there’s travel.

While the friends are road-tripping from Charlotte to New Orleans, sleeping arrangements are up-in-the-air.

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“We didn’t get a hotel—it was all booked,” Griffin said. “It was worth the price to see such a historic game and see my favorite team play in the Final Four.”

WBTV logged onto Travelocity on Wednesday, looking for a hotel room near the Superdome for Saturday to Sunday. At that time, everything was sold out.

In Edgard, Louisiana, about 40 minutes away, there were some hotels for roughly $100, but those were selling out too.

We also reached out to airfare alert membership service Scott’s Cheap Flights about round-trip flights from Charlotte to New Orleans.

“If you want to head down to New Orleans to catch that Duke-UNC game, and you want the best possible routing, you’re going to pay for the privilege,” Senior Product Operations Specialist Willis Orlando said. “The cheapest non-stop flights for the weekend right now are going for over $600 round-trip, and there is almost nothing left that flies home on Tuesday.”

However, if you’re willing to endure a layover, you can potentially cut that price in half. Staying an extra night in New Orleans can also help cut down on costs. Saturday-to-Wednesday itineraries with layovers are going for $275 roundtrip, right around what we would consider the “normal price” for this route.

All of these prices, however, are much inflated from what Scott’s Cheap Flights members generally see. The average deal from Charlotte to New Orleans is just $123 round trip.

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