Hotel murder suspect arrested following police pursuit, shooting

It started around 3:30 am Police say someone from the Ambassador Inn went outside to tell officers that a person had been shot in one of the hallways of the hotel.

“Officers were patrolling the parking lot. They were alerted to the fact that an individual was down and that an individual was possibly shot. Officers did come across an individual, the individual is deceased,” said Medina.

Police were told the suspect was had fled the hotel on foot. They say it didn’t take long before they found 43-year-old Donovan Bookout stealing a car.

“The individual did commit a carjacking which led to a short vehicle pursuit with Albuquerque police officers pursuing the suspect,” Medina said.

Police say Bookout appeared to flash a firearm at officers through the car window so they knew he was armed.

“When it came to stop, officers got in a foot pursuit with the suspect. And at that point in time is when officers discharged their firearms,” ​​said Medina.

Police say it is not clear at this time whether Bookout fired shots back at officers.

“We need to verify that the shell casings on scene match the shell casings of the offender and the firearm that was recovered on next to the offender,” Medina said. “We do know that there was more than one officer involved that discharged their firearm, we’ll determine the exact number later we’ll release that information.”

The chief went on to say no one was hit during the shooting, and Bookout eventually surrendered.

One man, parked at a nearby gas station, said he couldn’t get to work because of it.

“I’m just kind of waiting around till you open up the street,” said Jeren Garfield.

He says police lights and crime tape are nothing new for that area.

“They just found a gun last night at the yard. It was a nine millimeter. And I guess last week they caught three guys in the yard and just it’s getting bad around this area, especially around Candelaria,” said Garfield.

APD said the same thing, which is why they’ve beefed up patrols.

“The Ambassador Inn is one of our hotels here in the Valley Area Command where we receive a lot of calls for service with regard to anything from property crime, to narcotics related crimes, to violent crimes,” said Valley Area Commander Scott Norris.

Norris says this area is also a hot spot for stolen cars which is one of the focuses of the patrols, but there’s more.

“And like I said, not only just looking for stolen vehicles, but any other types of crimes that are occurring,” Norris said.

Even so, police say its all about having an active presence in a troubled area.

“Our officers are directed to, to come here, do proactive police work, see what the concerns are, see if we can actually witness crimes that are in progress or addressing any other types of issues, whether they be quality of life crimes, or violent crimes,” Norris said.

APD says they’re worried that the crime at the Ambassador Inn could spread and affect nearby businesses and homes.

Now, we are still waiting for police to confirm the identity of the person who they say was shot and killed at the hotel Tuesday morning. Officials say Bookout is a convicted felon. The last time he was taken in on shooting charges was just two weeks ago.

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