Candlewood Suites Hotel donates to Grand Valley Resettlement Program

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) – The Grand Valley Resettlement Program was formed in December as a way to help bring families from Afghanistan escaping the Taliban to the Grand Valley. The organization welcomed the first Afghan refugee family to the Grand Valley in February with nine more on the way.

The program was facing some difficulty finding furniture to accommodate all the families. But recently Candlewood Suites in Grand Junction made a big furniture donation to help out the cause.

“They’re renovating their facility and so they’re putting all new furniture in their rooms and the old furniture which is in really good shape still, they donated all to us,” said Grand Valley Resettlement Program furnishings committee lead Dennis Hill. “It has filled almost all our needs for furniture.”

It includes dressers, nightstands, end tables, couches, televisions, recliners, dining tables and chairs.

Grand Valley Resettlement Program Director Weldon Allen worked directly with the Director of Sale at Candlewood Suites to facilitate the process.

“Candlewood was remodeling their floors, we asked Eric Yarin that works here,” Allen said. “What are you going to do with all this furniture Eric? He said we’re gonna give a lot of it away. I said would you be interested in providing this furniture for these nine Afghani families? He said sure we’d love to do that, we’d love to help out our community.”

A group of volunteers collected the furniture last week and brought it to the basement of Downtown Vineyard Church for storage until the families arrive.

“This should fit the bill for all those folks,” said Hill.

The remaining nine families are out of Afghanistan in a refugee camp on their way here. As they go through the legal immigration process after fleeing their country because of Taliban persecution.

“We’re ready to bring these families here, ready to resettle them into a new life away from the persecution that they would’ve had in Afghanistan,” Allen said.

Now that the resettlement program has enough furniture to accommodate them, they’re just asking for donations of household items.

If you’d like to help the organization, visit

Or if you’d rather donate items to the new families coming, the following link has the registry with specific information on what each family is asking for, please visit

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