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By Taylor Kovar

Hey Taylor: My husband and I are gearing up for a summer vacation, and we want to go somewhere new and exotic. I feel like we won’t be able to afford the kind of trip I’m envisioning, but I’m checking around to see if people know of cool spots that a couple might actually be able to afford. – Gianna

Hey Gianna: I’m all about cheap travel. The hardest thing to get around is airfare, but if you manage to find plane tickets at a reasonable price, there are plenty of places to go where a dollar gets you quite a bit. Here are three spots where you can maximize fun without maxing out your spending.

• Puerto Rico. The island as a whole is still recovering from Maria, but the tourism industry is up and running and trying to help the rest of Puerto Rico get back on its feet. That means there are lots of deals you wouldn’t otherwise see, and you still get all the usual delights associated with the Caribbean. You might consider taking a cruise that features a quick stop in Puerto Rico as well. Rebuilding efforts are ongoing, so you have to be smart about what part of the island you stay on, but you can expect to find good rates at recently renovated hotels. Saint Martin, the other island that suffered the most during the hurricane, is also a possibility for fun and cheap travel.

• Phuket, Thailand. Thailand is unbelievably gorgeous and outrageously affordable. People frequently travel there and come back with money they had planned on spending. The food is wildly unique, the beaches are incomparable, and if you find decent airfare you can do a whole lot for very little. This part of Thailand gets a lot of rain during the summer, so you can’t expect constant sunshine. However, the rainy season brings lower prices and there’s no weather that can ruin the spectacle of the beaches. A quick Google search will show what I’m talking about.

• Czech Republic. People rule out Europe when traveling on a budget, and for good reason; you’re not going to have a fun, inexpensive trip to France. The Czech Republic has all the history and iconography of any place in Europe, but it all comes at far less cost. Food and lodging are surprisingly affordable, and Prague is one of the prettiest cities you’ll see anywhere. Of these three options, getting to the Czech Republic will be the most expensive, but once your plane touches down, the prices come down as well.

If you can responsibly afford it, traveling is one of the best ways to spend your money. Hopefully one of these options, or a similar place, will help you stay under budget and still have a blast. Let me know how it all goes, Gianna!

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