Experts warn of ticket, vacation rental scams

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — The Kansas Jayhawks are headed to the Final Four and many of their fans are sure to follow. But if you’ve priced the cost of a trip this weekend to New Orleans to see KU take on Villanova and then potentially Duke or North Carolina, you’ve probably found it won’t be cheap.

The cheapest flight FOX4 found leaving Friday and coming back Tuesday was $2,700, and it was the only ticket left on any flight those days.

Tickets to the games Saturday are the most expensive NCAA Basketball Final Four ever according to TickPick with the average purchase price of $656 a ticket. We saw them as high as $8,000 courtside.

“The semifinals is really huge because you have four giant fan bases and one of them is a historic rivalry they’ve never faced each other. You have coach K going out you have so many different things going into it that session in itself is really popular,” Jason Durbin, VP of Ticket Sales for Tickets For Less said.

As expensive as that might sound, the trip of a lifetime could end up even more costly for scam victims. Tickets For Less is a warning of scammers. Especially if someone has a nice looking commemorative hard stock ticket for sale. All NCAA tickets now are mobile.

Airbnb also warned vacation rental customers to be on the lookout for scams.

“Where we are tending to see some bad activity is where people are duping travelers into thinking they are booking Airbnb when they are not. They are literally going to the extent of mocking up fake air bnb sites in some cases,” Ben Breit with Airbnb public affairs said.

Breit said scammers try to cash in on people looking for lodging around big events, especially when there’s a sudden surge in demand like the Jayhawks punching their ticket to the Final Four.

“Definitely a few keys would be if they are asking you to wire money that is not the way it ever works on Airbnb,” Breit said.

Another red flag for Airbnb rentals would be if the host is unable or unwilling to answer questions.

For any students who might be planning to make the trip, it’s a good idea to have conversations with the host ahead of time on any age restrictions or expectations before you book.

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