Rather than envy, celebrate social media ‘vacations’

I know we know people on social media have to go to work at some point. What I mean is not everyone but me can be on an endless vacation. Does that make sense? When I get on my social media accounts, it looks like all my “friends” are on a cruise, in the sunshine working on their tan, eating Mexican food or out shopping at Nordstrom. It may not be true, but it looks like everybody I know is buying a new Chevrolet Trail Boss pickup truck. At least they are celebrating a new grand baby. Come on man, I haven’t had a new grand baby in at least 12 years. What’s up with that!?

My point is it’s easy to be envious if we are not careful. Envy is that feeling of displeasure we get when we see or hear about the prosperity of others. We see what others have and we desire those things, we covet those things and sometimes resentment becomes the by-product of envy.

The only good thing about this envy is it can turn into pride, since I’m about to go on my annual fishing trip to east Texas in my brand new kayak in the world’s greatest red Jeep Gladiator while wearing my favorite white pearl snap fishing shirt (shout out to Poncho). I’m connecting with my favorite barista, and we have a Yeti cooler with a slick horns kit (Google it), so when we are not fishing and eating a Chick-O-Stick and washing that down with a Hint water, we will be brushing up on our team roping skills.

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