Hudson Valley Man Faces Life at Prison For Brutal Hotel Rape

A Hudson Valley man was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend and a few hours later was arrested again for raping a hotel worker.

Jamel Carlton of Ulster County was convicted for the sexual assault of a housekeeper in an incident that included two arrests in the same evening. According to Breaking AC, police were called to Bally’s Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City in February of 2018 for a domestic violence incident. When police arrived on the scene, hotel security guards had already separated Carlton from his 41-year-old girlfriend. The woman had physical signs of assault that were treated on scene and Carlton was apprehended by officers.

Atlantic City Prosecutors Office

Atlantic City Prosecutors Office

After being arrested for domestic assault, Carlton returned to the hotel two and a half hours later. That’s when a jury ruled the Saugerties man pushed a 51-year-old hotel worker into a room, sexually and physically assaulting her. After an investigation into the incident, hotel workers identified the assailant as Carlton.

After being spotted by police on Atlantic Avenue, the Saugerties man gave chase to responding officers for several blocks after finally being apprehended and taken into custody. Carlton was charged with aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault, burglary, aggravated assault, criminal restraint, obstruction of justice and resisting judgment.

The case was finally brought in front of a judge and after a six-day trial Carlton was found guilty on the first five counts, The jury only took three hours to deliberate before coming back with the guilty verdicts.

Because of his criminal history, Carlton faces up to life in prison. New Jersey Chief Assistant Prosecutor, John Flammer, said that he’s glad the jury returned a guilty verdict and that justice was served. He also applauded the victim for her bravery.

The victim through the support of her loving family displayed an enormous amount of strength in coming to court to tell the jury what that man did to her. We want to thank the Bally’s security team and the officers of the Atlantic City Police Department for providing us with the evidence needed to bring justice in this case.

The 36-year-old Saugerties man is being held in the Atlantic County Justice Facility pending his sentence hearing on June 8.

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