Six Tips for Credit Card Spending

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iQuanti: Managing credit card spending is essential to those who use credit cards to get cash and do day-to-day shopping. Credit card debt is one of the leading causes of financial worries for consumers in the United States.

However, if you do your research and understand how credit cards work, you can make great use of credit cards. Here are some tips.

Keep Credit Utilization Ratio Low

The credit use ratio is the relationship between credit card balances and spending limits. A $3,000 balance on a $6,000 credit limit card equates to a 50 percent credit use ratio. Generally, you shouldn’t let the credit use ratio exceed 40 percent. High ratios can harm credit scores, which can then lead to adverse consequences for your finances.

Pay Credit Card Account Balances in Full Every Month

The easiest way to keep credit card use ratios low is to pay the balance in full every month. By spending within your budget each month, you can reduce the likelihood of constant credit card debt.

Under certain circumstances, the rule of thumb does not apply. For example, someone with credit card debt carrying high-interest rates could open a balance transfer card with a no or low-interest teaser rate and pay it down before the low or no-interest rate expires.

Use Rewards to Improve Financial Health

A rewards credit card can help improve financial wellness. If the rewards are cashback rewards, you can use the cash toward the account balance or have it directly deposited into a savings account. You can also buy discounted gift cards with rewards of a points credit card. They permit saving on purchases without using a credit card.

Stick to One Credit Card

It may seem like an excellent idea to use multiple cards to maximize credit rewards. The rewards differ from card to card. Some offer bonus awards on restaurant purchases and dining out, while others provide cashback on groceries and gas, miles, or added points.

But juggling cards makes things complicated. Make things more manageable by sticking with one card that offers the best points rate or cashback. By doing so, you also reduce the risk of maxing out multiple cards.

Set a Limit on Monthly Spending

Setting a limit is a strategy that takes paying the balance in full every month a step further. A limit within a budget increases the likelihood of paying off the balance every month and avoiding interest charges. Having a budget makes setting limits for categories of discretionary spending easy. If you allocate a specific amount for entertainment or dining out, you will know if you have gone overboard.

While it may seem challenging, this advice can make a difference in taking control of spending. It is crucial to be mindful of everyday purchases made with credit cards. If you use them wisely, they can help you progress along the road to financial stability. Taking things slow is highly recommended.

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Six Tips for Credit Card Spending

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