Why dozens of JetBlue flights at Logan were canceled this weekend


Airlines across the country canceled more than 3,500 flights and delayed thousands more.

JetBlue and many other airlines faced delays and cancellations over the weekend. The Associated Press

JetBlue has been canceling a lot of flights, especially out of Boston Logan International Airport, and customers are noticing and demanding answers.

According to FlightAware, an airline tracking company, on Saturday, 13% of JetBlue flights either to or from Boston, amounting to 33 flights, were canceled, and 54% of JetBlue flights either to or from Boston, amounting to 131 flights, were delayed .

  • Canceled, delayed flights again plague travelers at Logan on Monday

On Sunday, the situation got even worse. By 6 pm, 74 JetBlue flights to or from Boston, or 27% of JetBlue Boston flights, were canceled, and 40% of JetBlue flights to or from Boston, amounting to 111 flights, were delayed.

Overall 363 JetBlue flights, or 33%, were canceled, and 361 JetBlue flights, or 33%, were delayed as of Sunday evening.

This is far above competitors like Southwest, which canceled 10% of its flights Sunday, American Airlines, which canceled 8% of its flights, and United and Delta, which canceled 1% or less of their flights Sunday.

JetBlue commented on the canceled flights in a statement to Boston.com.

“Over the past several days, severe weather in the southeast and multiple air traffic control delay programs have created significant impacts on the industry. We have unfortunately had to cancel flights this weekend, and today’s cancellations will help us reset our operation and safely move our crews and aircraft back in to position. We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience and we are working to get them on their way as quickly as possible.”

But JetBlue was not the only airline with issues this weekend. Around the country, airlines have canceled more than 3,500 US flights and delayed thousands more, citing weather in Florida and other issues.

FlightAware noted major disruptions at several Florida airports, including in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, and Orlando, as well as Baltimore, New York, and other airports around the country.

JetBlue, Southwest, Alaska Airlines, Frontier, Spirit, and American Airlines were most affected, according to FlightAware, with JetBlue and Spirit canceling one-third of Sunday’s scheduled flights.

Local news reported storms in Florida on Saturday. Several airlines said Sunday that operations are returning to normal.

One Boston JetBlue customer lamented on Twitter about missing her wedding in Jamaica because of a canceled JetBlue flight.

Another customer said their flight from Boston was delayed almost 12 hours and when they got to their destination, they out their luggage had not been found transported with them.

Here’s what other JetBlue Boston customers are saying:

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