“Rosa Parks” Refuses To Wear Mask On Southwest Airlines, Then Compares Herself To Anne Frank While Being Removed

A California woman refused to wear her mask on Southwest Airlines flight. When flight attendants and passengers protested, she compared herself first to Rosa Parks, then Anne Frank.

Woman Who Refused To Wear Mask On Southwest Airlines Compares Herself To Rosa Parks And Anne Frank

Onboard Southwest flight 2265 from Dallas (DAL) to Long Beach (LGB), a woman was observed by a flight attendant with her mask off for an extended period. She was told to put her mask on and refused, claiming that she was “actively” eating and drinking.

A supervisor came onboard, appeared to give her one more chance to put on her mask, but when she continued to insist she was eating and drinking (holding up a water bottle at one point), the supervisor asked her to gather up her things and disembark.

She refused, asking instead for an explanation as to why she had to keep her mask on if she was eating and drinking. The supervisor was not playing that game and informed the flight attendants to deplane the aircraft.

In these situations, airlines will generally remove all other passengers in case physical force is necessary to remove the problematic passenger.


Put your mask on or get off the plane… @Southwest Airlines they handled this with class. Great job to the staff at SWA👍🏽

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The woman really gave herself away when she started linked herself to Rosa Parks, a civil right activist who refused to stand up on a Birmingham bus when there were seats available in the “white” section, and Anne Frank, a Jewish girl who was murdered by Nazis in Holland during WWII.

“We have to take a stand. It probably didn’t make sense for Rosa. It probably didn’t make sense for Anne Frank either.”

That prompted anger from other passengers, especially a pair of black women sitting nearby. Southwest eventually got her off, refunded her, and has banned her from flying Southwest again. The flight left Dallas 50 minutes late and arrived into Long Beach 47 minutes late.

Invoking Parks and Frank make clear this was not about eating her bananas and apples, but about taking a “stand”…

A Southwest spokesperson noted:

“The remaining passengers scheduled to travel on flight 2265 continued to LGB, arriving nearly two hours behind schedule. We apologize for the inconvenience to others scheduled on this flight, as we worked to ensure all customers were compliant with the federal mask mandate.”


It’s so easy to insert a Karen joke here, but I won’t…there are far too many good Karens.

But what a piece of work. As much as I dislike the mask mandate ,I don’t admire this childish act of civil disobedience. If she doesn’t want to wear a mask in the final days of the mask mandate, she can drive…comparing her selfishness to Rosa Parks and Anne Franks is offensive indeed.

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