Apple India No Longer Accepts Debit and Credit Card for Payments

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Apple App Store users and other subscribers of Apple services like Apple Music in India had issues using their credit or debit cards. The users and subscribers now have to use India’s Unified Payments Interface or UPI, according to reports.

Apple India Pushes for UPI Payments

The new law was approved by the Reserve Bank of India in 2021. This law prevents Apple Services from automatically charging debit and credit cards.

Once enacted, the new legislation will require all transactions to get approval before they can be completed.

Apple’s dropping of card payments in India was first spotted on May 5. An Apple support page mentioned only that because of regulation changes, some payment transactions might be declined.

Even though the support page has not been updated yet, The Economic Times of India reported that Apple has confirmed that the change is permanent.

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Apple told the publication that in light of the Reserve Bank of India or RBI regulations, starting June 1, all credit and debit cards can no longer be used for purchases or subscriptions on the Apple App Store or other Apple services.

Users in India will now have to use the UPI service to load Apple Wallet with the needed funds to pay for their subscriptions or purchases.

No More Credit or Debit Cards

AppleInsider reported that Indian customers would need to fund their Apple ID balance if they want to buy media, apps, or subscriptions through Apple.

In October 2021, a ruling passed by the Reserve Bank of India made it so financial institutions like banks would need approval before completing credit and debit card transactions for auto-renewable subscriptions.

According to the new mandate, merchants must obtain user approval through transaction notifications, e-mandates, and Additional Factors of Authentication (AFA).

Banks or card issuers will decline transactions that do not meet the requirements stated in the new law.

Because of this regulatory change, the Apple users in India will not be able to buy apps from the Apple App Store, subscribe to Apple TV+, purchase Apple Music, or purchase movies or shows through iTunes with a credit or debit card.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple customers in India are now starting to see service interruptions. To prevent seeing interruptions to their subscriptions, users are advised to fund their Apple ID balance.

The new requirements will apply to any recurring transactions. This means that if you hold an Indian debit or credit card and you have an Apple subscription, these changes will affect your transactions.

Some transactions might be declined by banks, card issuers, and other financial institutions.

For customers to enjoy their subscriptions without any disruption, they can pay with their Apple ID balance. Users can also add to their Apple ID balance through App Store Codes, UPI, and Net Banking.

Aside from encouraging developers to warn customers about the payment change, Apple also ran a promotion that gave customers in India a chance to add funds to their Apple ID so they could get a 20% bonus.

In March, India said no to Apple’s refurbished iPhone request.

In April, Apple announced it would manufacture the iPhone 13 model in India.

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