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So, we just came back from our annual family long weekend beach trip, brought to us by our children: son Randy and daughter-in-law,Niky!

They take all of the grandchildren and one beautiful great-grandchild, Gracyn, along with Niky’s parents and my husband and me. I know…brave, uh?

So, we go to beautiful Palm Island and enjoy days at the beach and trips to the resort for refreshments. I couldn’t help but notice that grandson Logan’s girlfriend, Bralee, did not ask me for our usual golf cart ride (just the two of us) to the ice cream shop at the resort this year. I studied on that for a while and I think I came up with a possible reason why that did not happen.

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I’m thinking, maybe it’s because last year I asked the ladies behind the counter at the ice cream shop, “I was wondering do you ever cut people off when they are overweight? (OK, fat) You know, like they do in the bar when they say, ‘That’s it! We are not serving you another drink. You are over your limit!’”

I thought maybe ice cream shops might come to that way of thinking. Like, that’s it for you! Not another scoop and don’t come in here again until you lose some weight!

The food police are everywhere these days. Like, no straws and no more Big Gulp drinks. You never know when fancy shops/resorts may not want big, beautiful people licking ice cream among their clientele. Gives ice cream a bad name.

I do think I saw Bralee back up a little toward the door while I was conversing with the ice cream ladies. But, I digress. Or, it could be that the ice cream cone melted while riding back in the golf cart and blew all over us on the golf cart ride?

I’m afraid either of those occurrences may have embarrassed her. (Can’t imagine?)

My grandchildren are still a little leery of beach trips since the time I took them into the wrong beach house. Yep! Not a soul there that we knew and I led every one of them straight in like we owned the place!

At any rate, I’m trying to improve on my beach vacation behavior. It’s so much fun, I don’t want to ruin my reputation and my chance to go back next year. Thanks for the great family time. I’m truly sorry, Bralee. I promise to behave a little.

By the way, a friend from up north recently asked me to use “fixin’” in a sentence. So here are a few ways to use the Southern word that can be a noun or a verb:

I’m fixin’ to fix it.(I’m getting ready to fix something.)

We had hot dogs and all the fixin’s. (Had everything that goes with a hot dog.)

I already am fixin’ to fix it. (Already started to start fixin’ to fix something.)

Then there is the base word at work: I’m in a fix. (Not in a good place)

This message brought to you by MA’s Southern Information Center. Any questions on Southern culture, charm or manners, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll be glad to oblige.

I read an interesting fact recently. Did you know that children laugh about 400 times a day; whereas, adults only laugh about 15 times a day? Come on people! We can do better than that!

I’m still questioning the data. I gathered the stats right off the internet so they must be accurate, right?

If that is true, then we have to start laughing around 385 times more a day. As my daddy would say, “Let’s get at it!”

Just keep laughing, because laughter is the best medicine!

Mary Alice Tillman is a Hernando County native. She and her husband, Billy, now live in Dunnellon. She is semi-retired from some 25 years as an assisted living administrator and now works three days a week as an assistant administrator in an assisted living facility. She can be reached at mtillman1947@gmail.com.

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