Season 2 Episode 9- Kyoto Trip Review

The following contains spoilers for Episode 9 of Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2, “It’s Just the Second Day of the School Trip,” now streaming on Netflix.

Class 1-1 are still enjoying their trip to Kyoto, but in this episode of Komi Can’t Communicate, they have some free time to explore the city as they please. The youngsters split off into their assigned groups, and viewers finally have an opportunity to get better acquainted with the fresh faces of Katou Mikuni and Sukida Lily.


These girls come across as being just as awkward as their partner, Shouko Komi, so Hitohito Tadano does not have high hopes for their adventures, particularly considering they were unable to discuss their plans beforehand as everyone else had. With nobody to run the show, the girls’ freedom, it seems, may be squandered.

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“It’s Just the Second Day of the School Trip”

When everyone in Komi’s group appears to be submissive by nature, it seems impossible to allocate a leader, but thankfully, Katou graciously steps up to the task. After realizing that their complete lack of plans would ruin the trip for everyone (but mostly Komi), Katou took it upon herself to draw up a fun-filled schedule, starting out at the Universal Studios‘ parody theme park called Utopia. The girls get to know each other (slightly) better on the train ride over, and they have an absolute blast going on all the rides together. However, in order to keep Komi satisfied, Katou has jammed their schedule full of action, and man, does she run a tight ship!

After shoveling down a tray of burning-hot takoyaki (not having the luxury of time to wait for them to cool first), the girls spend some quality time with the local wildlife before they are whisked away to Futomaki Studio Park. Unfortunately, Sukida starts to resent Katou for the strict itinerary imposed on the group as it seems to be taking away from the fun of it all, and things begin to get tense. Komi may suffer from social anxiety, but that doesn’t mean she is incapable of reading people, and she is instantly distressed by the potential conflict. Her sweet nature overwhelms both girls as Komi bombards them with numerous (bad and blurry) photos of their day together, reminding Katou and Sukida to look at the brighter side of life.

It’s Just Futomaki Studio Park

Viewers are gifted with another stellar kimono fan service segment when Komi appears as the spitting image of a traditional Geisha, umbrella, and all. Naturally, the crowd goes wild, and all the commotion draws the attention of nearby performing artists. It is customary for interactive theatrics to occur at the Studio, so the group of ‘evil ninjas’ could not resist the urge to make the gorgeous Komi the center of their impromptu show. After a dramatic entrance, the ninjas surround the unsuspecting Komi and attempt to kidnap the ‘princess’, which is just when Sukida arrives at the scene.

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Unaware that this is all an act, Sukida goes into a protective mode in an attempt to save poor vulnerable Komi’s life. However, she refuses to reveal her secret weapon, unless she hides her face, that is. With an Oni mask covering all identifiable features (or so Sukida believes), the strange hero whips out her yo-yo and takes the ninjas head-on, intimidating them with her superior skills and extraordinary tricks. After scaring the villains away, the unknown white knight sprints off into the sunset before her true identity is revealed!

It’s Just Girl Talk

The last night in the beautiful city of Kyoto has arrived, and this time around Class 1-1 are bunking up according to their assigned groups. After a day of bliss, the girls are finding it easier to bond and it doesn’t take long for secrets to start spilling. First on the chopping block is Sukida, who is pressured into unveiling her incredible yo-yo capabilities. Getting this confession is surmountable to pulling teeth, as Sukida is so ashamed of her passion for yo-yos due to being relentlessly bullied in the past. Katou reminds her new friend that she herself aims to become a professional shogi player one day (similar to a chess Grand Master), which some may deem odd, but if that is what inspires joy, then who cares.

Next, Sukida and Katou get into the nitty-gritty gossip of boys, eager to discover who likes who, although the instigator of this conversation conveniently lacks a love interest. Katou unwillingly reveals her admiration for Katai, whose intense stare she finds to be charming rather than intimidating. Having a good idea of ​​who Komi is interested in, the pair interrogates her anyway, although she appears to be oblivious to the whole crush concept and has some questions to ask first. It takes only a few moments of thought before the Class Goddess turns beet-red, and is only able to admit that her paramour’s name starts with an H.

Sukida cannot help but meddle on the train ride home and constructs a situation that forces each girl to sit next to their significant other. Tadano and Katai graciously receive the unexpected attention while Sukida cackles in the background at her successful interventions, showing another side of herself that is reminiscent of Najimi’s devious deeds. Fans can only begin to consider the chaos that could ensue if Sukida and Najimi were to join forces one day, combining their manipulative minds to create the ultimate schemes, at their friends’ expense of course!

It is interesting to note how Najimi has changed since Season 1 of Komi Can’t Communicate, where they were as equally obsessed with planning on getting Tadano and Komi alone together or acknowledging their feelings for one another as Sakida seems to be. However, it appears that Najimi may have changed their tune. Instead of leaving the cute couple well alone, the social butterfly goes out of their way to interrupt their intimate moment on the train, disturbing Komi and Tadano’s peace and privacy, just like at the Christmas Party in Season 2 episode 4. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to not be suspicious of the overly-involved Najimi, and more importantly, should Komi be concerned about the potential competition for Tadano’s affections?

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